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Tyler's Dog Grooming are proud to announce our support of Pebbles Legacy Dog Rescue and the fantastic work that they do.

There is a huge problem in the UK with homeless dogs - a problem many fear will get worse with the increase of dogs purchased during the lockdown period. Many, if not most, dogs' homes are already at full capacity, and there are still many dogs in need of a home through being abandoned, neglected or abused.

Pebbles are a small, volunteer-run group who endeavour to rescue and rehome dogs all across the country that have found themselves in need of help through no fault of their own. 

We will be closed on Wednesday afternoons to allow for a dedicated time for the grooming of their rescue dogs, providing them with a pamper and groom before they find the loving home that all dogs deserve.

To learn more about Pebbles and their story or to donate to their wonderful cause, please follow the links below.

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