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Grooms and Services


Short-Hair Grooms

For our short-coated dogs, we begin with a shampoo and conditioner to revitalize their coats and sooth their skin. After a dry with a warm towel, we brush thoroughly with a curry brush to remove dead hair and reduce any short-hair shedding, followed by a nail trim and a spritz of your choice of perfume/cologne.

Prices range from £20 - £50.

Double-Coated Grooms

Grooms for our double-coated breeds begin with a thorough brush to remove any loose undercoat and to work through any tangles followed by a lovely bath with special de-shedding shampoo and conditioner. After a towel dry, we use our high velocity dryer to remove as much of the undercoat as possible before another thorough brush with our specialised de-shedding tools. Finished with a trim of the wispy bits, a nail trim and spritz of your choice of perfume/cologne.

Prices range from £25 - £65.


Long-Hair Grooms

For dogs with longer coats, we start by removing any matts and tangles before a warm bath with a shampoo and conditioner specific for your dog's coat type. After a dry with a warm towel and our handheld dryers, we provide a full groom appropriate for your dog's breed, including scissor styling, clipper cuts, poodle grooms, teddy bear cuts and more. After a trim of the paw pads and a nail trim, we finish with a spritz of your choice of perfume / cologne.

Prices range from £30 - £70.

Puppy Grooms

Whether excited or anxious, new places can be scary experiences for puppies, which is why we recommend our introductory puppy groom. Aimed to give puppies a fun, familiarising first experience at the groomers, we begin with a play to let your puppy explore their new space followed by a warm bath with puppy shampoo and conditioner and a dry with a nice fluffy towel. We introduce your puppy to the clippers (but we don't use them), we trim up any wispy bits and provide lots of treats and cuddles to keep your puppy's first groom short and sweet.

Prices range from £20 - £30.


Welfare Grooms

Welfare grooms are required when knots and matting have become either excessive or significantly close to the skin that they can cause pain or irritation to your pet and they may require a short clipper cut in order to provide relief and remove the matting. This most likely occurs due to exercise, play and even cuddling, and occurs most frequently in places that are difficult to brush, such as under the arms or tummy.


We will never do this without your consent, and we will always discuss all your options with you. If you believe your dog needs a welfare groom, please tell us beforehand as they may require a longer appointment and specialised product to help sooth irritated skin.

There is no additional charge for welfare grooms in the first instance.

Price List

Tel: 07828 530759 • Email:

Dog Size  

Extra Small

E.g. Pugs, Yorkies &



E.g. Shih-Tzus, Daschunds & Bichons


E.g. Spaniels, Cockapoos and Bullies


E.g. Labradors, Boxers and large Collies

Extra Large

E.g. Huskys, GSDs, Akitas and St Bernards

Short-Haired         Double-Coated        Long-Haired

£20                         £25                       £30

£30                         £35                       £40

£40                         £45                       £50

£50                         £55                       £60  

£60                         £65                       £70                               

Contact Us

Tel: 07828 530759 • Email:

18B, Railway Enterprise Centre, Shelton New Road Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 7SH

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  • Any requests or preferences

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